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St Ives – Multi Unit Residential Development (R3 Zone)

Project Description

A changing Sydney landscape has seen more medium density developments in areas once predominantly reserved for luxury homes and low density housing. This extends from the Northern Suburbs of Sydney and west to the growth areas of Sydney’s North West.

Due to the need for quality developments, nkt architecture is now growing its portfolio in this area, and recently completed both concept design and design development for a multi-unit residential development in St Ives. Working with the developers in this case has been an enjoyable experience for our architects, and the result for the developers has been very successful.

This St Ives project applies the individual requirements for single dwelling design, and relates it to the rigors of medium density housing and a desire to create a community spirit at a local level. This project’s success is based on our ability to be innovative, creative, and to design in consideration of local government regulations, environmental conditions, and the developer’s specific requirements and budget.

Great consideration has been made in the design development of this project, in respect to floor space, ceiling height, open space, solar access, and resale potential. As a result, offers of sale are already being made on this yet to be approved development.