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Castle Hill Public School – Technology Learning Centre

Project Description

In 2010 Castle Hill Public School contacted nkt architecture Pty Ltd to develop a Feasibility Study which would consider the cost/benefit of a new building in comparison to a room extension.

The Feasibility Study undertaken by nkt architecture Pty Ltd enabled the School to make a calculated long term strategic decision of cost restraints versus return on investment for the benefit of the students and staff.

The School Executive made a decision based on the options provided by nkt architecture Pty Ltd to extend an existing small space situated within the heart of the School. This room was to become their Technical Learning Centre (TLC).

The original space was very small, and unable to be used by an entire class. It’s existing use was rather limited and the needs of the school were rapidly growing. In addition to extending the floor space, it needed to also accommodate computers, printers, electronic whiteboards, and a centre island for teaching staff and resources.

The staff, students, and school community were very pleased with the end result. The TLC was opened in 2011, and since this time, has allowed the school to provide extra-curricular lessons in technology using the latest equipment.

The new space now provides for the needs of a whole class.  Students can now actively participate in shared computer assisted projects, including movie making, learning how to use Photoshop and PowerPoint, and many other applications that will assist them in becoming our future leaders.