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Twin Creeks


Project Description

One of our most recent homes, a beautiful and well thought out design. This is one worth keeping an eye on as it nears completion.

Set on a 1 acre site in a golf estate near Luddenham, this open plan design allows views of the tree lined horizon and a beautiful indoor space that connects with its surrounds. Wall to ceiling windows over the two stories, a mezzanine level for the teenagers to escape to, a gourmet kitchen for entertaining which includes both a presentation and a working kitchen, positional voids for the purpose of creating space and light, raised ceilings, a generous and welcoming entrance, are just some of the key features of this home.

The owners have spent some time on this design. With a growing family in mind, great consideration was given to the living spaces, internal and external. In addition to this, the local environment, and enjoyment of it, were taken into consideration for this design. The homes engagement with the surrounding open space and its relationship with it will allow the family to enjoy this home for many years to come.