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There is often talk in the industry in regards to the quality of trades, or lack thereof, in residential home building. But why is this?

For the most part, a lot can be blamed on the level of communication and documentation, and the timeframe given to trades engaged in the building process.

nkt architecture strive to produce quality, enduring homes, both for now and for the future. Quality is paramount. We are not a building company, and we do not hire trades directly. Trades are selected by way of tender, and reputation, and quality control is managed not only through the level of documentation and guidelines we provide to the selected builder and associated trades, but also in the communication between the builder and the client.

Good architecture is always followed up by good quality control on site, and back at the office when it comes to scrutinising builder progress claims. So to make sure you are not getting quantity over quality speak to an architect about your new home design, and specifically ask about Full Architectural Services. By engaging an architect for the entire process you will be assured the workmanship is of a high standard. We accept nothing less for our custom design!